There are a variety of printing techniques that we can use to create your invitations. Some of the techniques are more expensive  than others but they are all beautiful and will help your invitation set the tone for your party. It is important to review your ideas and visions so that we can do a process that will best suit your project.

Engraving is the most beautiful and expensive of all the printing techniques.  The engraved copy and art is first carved on to a metal plate usually made from copper, then the engraved spaces are filled with ink and the paper is pressed on top of it.  The result is a raised, crisp image that is saturated with true color and beautiful. The back of the paper stock will have a slight indentation. Engraving is a great way to print light inks on dark papers.

A vintage process that has been  around since the mid  15th Century.  Letterpress  is just beautiful on a cotton stock offering true color and elegance.  The  cotton  paper  will  have a slight texture to it and is usually 1 or 2 ply.  giving it a beautiful artisan look.  Many people will edge paint to finish the paper with a touch of color.  Maps and artwork are lovely when they are pressed into the cotton stock, but you can also press bamboo tree paper stock.  Pressing on dark paper is also available in this style and foil inks will look beautiful as well.

This process may look and feels like engraving but they are quite different.  The most significant difference is the price since no copper plates are needed for this process.  The ink will have a beautiful shine due to the resin powder that is heated to create the raised lettering.

Flat Printing
Flat printing or off-set printing is a very good way to have lots of color without the additional expense since many colors can be printed at one time.  If you like the matte look this is a very good option.  This style of print works great for custom multi -color art like maps or liners and can also be used in combination with letterpress to create a unique look on an invitation.