What to do first

Ordering invitations is always exciting but can sometimes be overwhelming, At Medici Fine Stationery our specialists are here to help you every step of the way.  From the Save the Date to the Invitation of your dreams we will assist you in finding every item needed to make your event a success.

We welcome you to call or visit the store to see how and what we can do to assist you. Most first appointments take about 1 to 2 hours working directly with a specialist to get you started and appointments are strongly recommended.  If you are in the area only for a short time we welcome you to stop in and visit so that we can continue to work with you when you’re back at your home. Many of our Brides, Mitzvahs as well as Corporate clients live out of town but we can assist you wherever you live.

Invitations are generally ordered 6 months in advance of the event. Since Engraving and Letterpress can sometimes take 5 to 6 weeks in production this will leave you time to make edits and have the guest addressing done before the invitations need to be mailed.

Before the first appointment we recommend that you determine your budget and quantity of invitations needed.  Since we work with many printers we are sure to have a printer that fits your budget.

Think about the style of invitations you would like Traditional, Rustic or Modern.  We have many styles to show to help you find what’s right for you and your celebration.

Placing an order and seeing your proofs

Every situation is unique. Our staff is well-versed in etiquette and can assist you in wording your invitation but we will need you to confirm all names , titles  and details for the event. We can help you decide what accessories you will need to include in your invitation suite. Most invitations will need a response card and envelope set and sometimes an information/details card.  We can help you determine the reply date and additional inserts you might need to accommodate your special event. Invitations are sold a la carte and we can show you all the parts that will coordinate to make your suite unique and special.

It’s always best to count the guest list before the appointment so that we can give you an accurate price quote.  We strongly recommend that you have 10 to 15 invitations more than your list in order to have room for 1 more invite if needed.   If you’re planning on having addressing done for you it is best to allow a few extra envelopes for any guests that change their address after  you’ve mailed  your invitations.

A half deposit plus tax is required on all printing orders.  Your final balance is due upon pick –up.  If the order is cancelled at any time, the client is responsible for any applicable proofing, cancellation, or printing fees that the printing company passes on to us at Medici.

Proofs are strongly recommended for all invitations. Most companies charge $15.00 to $25.00.  It’s the best insurance you can have that your invitations will be exactly what you ordered.  This is the best  way  to preview the invitation spelling, layout, colors, fonts and design.  A Proof   will be sent in PDF form for your review. If changes are needed a new proof will be sent.  Additional fees will apply. Once you approve your proof and we have your signed copy we will send the order into final production.  At this point no additional changes can be made to the order.

Hand or Machine addressing

We offer both machine and hand calligraphy for your addressing so that you don’t have to write all your addresses by hand.  This option is available at all times but you will need to let us know when you order so that we can schedule you for a timely pick up. We can review the styles and pricing for this option at your appointment.

Stuffing, Stamping and Mailing

While many of our customers like to do all the last minute work to get their invitations in the mail some clients sometimes need us to help to get them out on time.  Please speak to your invitation specialist and we will let you know how we can help.